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    We have two courses. The first is Resume Mastery for Pro Writers—mentored training endorsed by Career International and a pathway to certification. Job seekers need information quickly, so for you, we've created a fun, 90-minute, Great Aussie Resume Course with all you'll need.

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    Whether you're a professional resume writer or a job seeker, you'll learn something new to enrich your career. The pathway for professional resume writers could be the credibility that comes from certification. For the job seeker, your end-game will be winning an interview for the job of your dreams.

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    Professional writers will love Gayle's mentorship where assignments are reviewed and caring feedback for improvement offered. Job seekers will love the quick escalation of their knowledge and pre-designed templates to stand out in a crowd. Be bold, be audacious and get seen.

Why Learn Resume Writing?

Because you know intuitively, that life is a journey of knowledge, and knowledge leads to professional fulfilment. We help you grow your talents so you can get paid what you're worth.

  • Create a new stream of revenue that leads to a full-service business and certification. (pro writers)

  • Learn how to create a strategic value proposition as an unbeatable candidate (job seekers)

  • Uncover a new skill, enrich your English expression, and write more concisely.

Meet Gayle Howard

Course creator, mentor, Master Resume Writer

As a “triple threat” resume writing expert, personal brand coach and job search strategist, my success across 28 years is your guarantee of excellence. Every resume I write creates an unbeatable value proposition that promotes people's talents and attributes in ways no smart employer could dare resist. And now, I share my knowledge with you. With a range of credentials held by just a handful of elite professionals worldwide, I continue to be an industry trailblazer, known as Australia’s first Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Job Loss Recovery Coach, and Certified G3 (Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired) Coach. An author of three books, and with resumes featured in two-dozen international career books globally, my expertise has also been acknowledged via 29 industry-based resume writing awards (TORIs), celebrating outstanding achievements in resume writing strategy, presentation, and branded, compelling content.
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Meet Gayle Howard

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What our graduates are saying

People love our training and Gayle's mentorship

Agnes K.

There are no words to describe how happy I am now!

Agnes K.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made that I chose this program; it definitely helped me develop myself and prepare for work as a resume writer. I researched several certification programs before deciding on PS...You’re a Résumé Expert e-course. Your program was outstanding and affected the way I am running my own business. You've been a fantastic teacher and I can't overstate how much I've learned from you. Most important, you have greatly enhanced my writing skills and confidence.
Mary Ann V

I appreciate it that you took so much time to critique the work.

Mary Ann V

Hi Gayle, I want to thank you for your extensive feedback for the Tricky Situations assignment about the builder. I have taken several "on line" programs and your comments are more extensive and helpful than any others I have received so I wanted to say thanks. It was particularly useful to get the reminders about quantifiable metrics, front loading results, and writing bullets with result through action to overcome challenges. I appreciate it that you took so much time to critique the work.
Ashley Ann S.

It has been fantastic to learn from a Master!

Ashley Ann S.

I actually got a bit teary to read this! Didn't realize the extent of this process when I signed up, but am SO glad that I signed up for your course. You provided the feedback and encouragement I needed. As a result, I am SO much more confident when I go to work with clients! That being said, I'm also now even more aware of specific areas of weakness and can take steps to mitigate those. All in all this was such an awarding experience! It has been fantastic to learn from a Master!
Kathlyn K.

The course materials and resources were exceptional...

Kathlyn K.

I highly recommend Gayle’s ‘Resume Mastery for the Pros’ training course. Gayle was an incredible mentor to me throughout the online training, providing constructive feedback, advice and alternate options for my writing. The course materials and resources were exceptional, and gave me the confidence to successfully write cover letters, e-notes and resumes at a high standard. Gayle’s advice and mentorship throughout the training course was outstanding, she is approachable, personable, and available to respond to all queries —which contributed to me attaining a gold level pass and becoming a Certified Advanced Resume Writer. Gayle really takes time and invests in each person who completes her training courses, and she adds so much value to their businesses and lives.
Marguerite C

Gayle's love of the written word and experience is evident throughout the course material...

Marguerite C

Gayle's course "Learn Resume Writing" was fantastic! Being on the receiving end of so many resume's as a recruiter and human resource manager, I thought it would be easy to write a good resume but after completing Gayle's course I realised just how little I had actually known. I gained so many new skills and insights and found the self paced online format very easy to manage. As for Gayle she is an absolute master in her field and her love of the written word and experience is evident throughout the course material, her enthusiasm is infectious. She was so helpful, a fantastic mentor and coach and a delight to work with. I couldn't recommend her and her course more highly.
Juliet M

It exceeded all expectations

Juliet M

One of the best professional decisions I ever made was to pursue my Certified Advanced Resume Writer credential through Gayle’s Learn Resume Writing Academy. Because of Gayle’s reputation in the industry, having been nominated for 51 Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards and winning a record 29, I knew the training would be excellent but it exceeded all expectations. Not only did I learn countless tricks and techniques in resume writing to make my clients stand out but the course also delivered training on effective job search strategies and business development. And, to top it off I now have Gayle as an ongoing resource.

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Gayle Howard, multi-credentialed, award-winning resume writer

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